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There is a quote from a Moorish literature 'CONFUSED About TAXES?', written by Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey; and it states:

"The Natural People and true American citizens of the Republic owe it to themselves, the sufferings 
of their forefathers, and to their progeny, to not stand silent while corruption reigns among disingenuous people occupying the seats of government."  

It further states:
"The Natural People should never allow a politician or one of their politically proclaimed community 
 'leaders' to promote vague claims of taxing authority nor allow them to violate the Constitution, with the intent of removing them from office."              

It is very interesting that many of us Moorish Americans, the Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Peoples of the Land, Northwest Amexem / North America are comfortable paying taxes, from our hard earned labor, to the Colonist Europeans without even questioning the validity of such imposed taxes. We need to stop being passive and start questioning, with authority, the several burdens, in the form of taxes, that are being placed upon our backs, especially when it comes to those ill-conceived taxes that are unlawfully levied upon us Moors.

FACT:  The I.R.S. (INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE) is NOT a Constitutionally sanctioned Entity of the Government of the United States Republic, North America. In fact, the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE laws were repealed in 1939. 

Therefore, those so-called 'Public Officials', who imposed those ill-conceived tax burdens upon you, the Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural peoples of the Land, through the I.R.S., are violating the Constitution for the United States Republic, North America, to which they take an Oath to uphold and support.

When taxes are levied on you by these so-called 'Public Servants', you need to start challenging their authority to do so. The first documentation you need to ask for and presented with is their DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY TO LAY AND COLLECT TAXES. This may surprise you - they have no such authority. It is all 'Color of Law' practices being used to rob you of your hard earned income. Those tax burdens that are being put upon you, the Aboriginal Indigenous Natural Peoples of the Land, are not from Delegated Authority originating from the Constitution, but by 'Color of Law' and 'Color of Operations' on the part of the European Colonists who are using assumed authority that they never have in the first place.  

There will be lots more to say on this subject in the near future - keep checking this Page! Also, an archive will be set up in the near future where you will be able to see the documentations sent to various Departments of the Union States Corporation. 


Prophet Noble Drew Ali is alleged to have said these words:

                       "Watch the newspapers and listen to the radio, I am going to make the Europeans tell the truth".

I would like to share an interesting exchange between the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (I.R.S.) and a Moorish Sovereign National, in which the I.R.S. tells the truth about the filing of 1040 Tax Return Form. Here you will see the following:

  1. mailing sent to the Moor from Representatives of Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.),
  2. the Response by the Moor to the I.R.S. mailing, and 
  3. the subsequent Response by a Representative of the I.R.S. CLICK HERE. .


LAND TAXES                            

The Europeans Colonists, operating on your Land / Estate, are also using 'Color-of Law' and 'Colored Operations, etc. to rob the Aboriginal Indigenous People (Moorish Americans) of their finances by imposing tax on the Natural Peoples' private personal Properties. In other words, the Natural Indigenous Peoples of the Land and the Heirs to the Estate, are being taxed to exist on their own Land.

This is another case of exercising assumed authority that they do not have. We, Moorish Americans, must be cognizant of our inheritance and Birthright so that we can exercise our authority and put an end to the abuses that are being skilfully and calculatedly inflicted upon us by the European Colonists (Refer to Chapters 47 & 48 of the Circle 7 Koran).

The following is a clear example of the use of assumed 'Taxing' authority that they do not have:

The TAXING COMMISSION, operating on the Land in Jefferson County Territory, near Corporate city of Bessemer, Alabama Republic, Northwest Amexem, sent Tax bill and subsequent Court Hearing to a Moorish American in order to collect (rob) finances, etc. regarding personal private Land / Estate owned by said Moorish American. CLICK HERE to view exchange.

Due to their 'Colored Operation' they refused to answer to the 'Requests' made by the Moor, hence a 'Notice of Default' was sent to all Parties involved (Judge, Tax Assessor and Tax Collector).

A subsequent Response (a Response of Diversion) was received from the Tax Assessor which did not satisfy the Requests sent by the Moor. A 'Writ of Quo Warranto' was then sent to the Tax Assessor which he failed to answer and therefore another 'Notice of Default', for not responding to the Writ of Quo Warranto, was sent to said Tax Assessor.


PROPERTY TAX NOTICES were received on day 22 of October, 2012 A.D. = 1432 M.C. by Astor Ho Sang El, Moorish National, Aboriginal and Indigenous to the Land, by  Grover Dunn, who states his position as Assistant Tax Collector for the Private Foreign Corporation styled as JEFFERSON COUNTY TAX AUTHORITY, BESSEMER DIVISION for the STATE OF ALABAMA. These Notices stipulated that Astor Ho Sang El, Moorish American, did not pay taxes on his Private Personal Property, consequently the tax Bill was sold to 'THE STATE', therefore he no longer holds 'clear title' to his Private Personal property - a FRAUDULENT and TREASONOUS act on the part of the Europeans Colonists.

A Writ in the Nature of Response was sent out to Grover Dunn ( an unconcious Moor who has a 'job' with the fore-mentioned Private Foreign Corporation to rob his own brothers and sisters ) along with a Writ of Quo Warranto, challenging his warrant and authority to his assumed jurisdiction. Click Here to see Instruments.

Failing to answer said Quo Warranto, a Notice of Default was issued to Grover Dunn, et al.

Keeping checking this Page for subsequent development.


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